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iJoomla Surveys is a powerful Joomla survey extension that lets you easily create surveys, collect information and analyze data. It's great for business, education, research, marketing and more...

What you can do with iJoomla surveys component:

  • Collect information from current customers;
  • Gather data about potential customers;
  • Learn about your visitors;
  • Gain feedback on your site/business;
  • Create exciting PR material;
  • Make informed business decisions;
  • Learn which features and products your users enjoy the most;
  • Identify new growth areas;
  • And much, much more.

Features include:

  • Unlimited Surveys
  • Unlimited responses
  • Forking (Skip Logic)
  • Pop up invitation
  • Reports
  • Export to CSV
  • Email notifications

Quesion Types:

  • Choice - Multiple Answers (Vertical or horizontal)
  • Choice - One Answer (Vertical or horizontal)
  • Open Ended - Date And/Or Time
  • Open Ended - One line or more, essay, constant sum
  • Matrix (One or multiple answer per row)

SEF Support:

  • SEF Adavanced
  • sh404 SEF
  • AceSEF
  • Core SEF

Modules included:

  • List of surveys
  • Survey results
  • Pop Up invitation


Backend pages all have a link to a video tutorial, no need to read the manual, however a manual is available as well!

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